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No formal design training, just a true love for fashion. 

Rough sketches turned into participating in over 20 local and regional fashion shows, being chosen as a semi-finalist in Belk’s Southern Designer Showcase Competition, named by Carolina STYLE magazine as one of the "25 Most Stylish in the Triangle", and featured in multiple charity events, high-end boutiques and fashion publications.




While working in corporate marketing, my manager brought in a bag of pocket squares and asked if I would ever consider designing men's accessories, specifically pocket squares.

I started researching fabrics, designing double-sided prototypes,

getting feedback, and tweaking until they were perfect. 

My pocket squares were selected by MTV to be added to 100 Celebrity swag bags given to performers, presenters, and other VIPs at the Video Music Awards. 

MTV released a press release highlighting what was included in the swag bags - my company name was mentioned, Entertainment Tonight published an article that read "Justin Timberlake could add a little extra pop to his "Suit & Tie" with KSH Couture pocket squares." 

....and that's where it took off.

Houston - Staged.jpg



Along with COVID came an exciting change for KSH. 

Understanding the reality of lockdown, I quickly decided to pivot my design strategy and expand into interiors, launching KSH Home. 

Interior design is one of my biggest passions within the fashion realm so expanding into this came easy for me.

Carrying along the double-sided branding, I began designing throw pillows, all handmade in Raleigh and filled with a luxe down/feather blend.




Each product is handmade in my home state of

North Carolina!

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