No formal design training, just a true love for trendsetting fashion.  I was fresh out of college, getting used to my new corporate job in pharmaceutical marketing.  With the shock of college life being gone, I planned girls nights to help ease into this new world. 

I went shopping - a lot - but couldn't find what I had envisoned.  Out of the blue, I picked up a notebook and started sketching designs and then randomly sketched out my initials.  I never intended to create my designs, nor dreamed my initials would one day become the face of my brand. 


God clearly had other plans for my life - Isaiah 55:8-9 - and this is where it all began.

it was all a dream ✨ drew my initials 10


My former colleague pushed me into my first fashion show.  The moment my dress hit the runway, I knew it was the beginning of something. 

I went on to show in over 20 local and regional fashion shows, was chosen as a semi-finalist in Belk’s Southern Designer Showcase Competition, named by Carolina STYLE magazine as one of the "25 Most Stylish in the Triangle" and have been featured in multiple charity events, high-end boutiques and fashion publications.

Runway was a lot of fun, but people wanted what they were seeing.  I mass produced what was known as the KSH Fuchsia Giraffe dress in sizes 0-10 and sold out of them.  To mass produce everything I had created would be a huge that I wasn't ready for.

KSH Couture Men 2015_81.jpg



A lot happened while I was in pharma!  One day, my former manager brought in a bag of pocket squares and asked if I would ever consider designing men's accessories, specifically pocket squares.

I immediately started researching fabrics, designing double-sided prototypes, getting feedback, and tweaking until they were perfect. 

My pocket squares were selected by MTV to be added to 100 Celebrity swag bags given to performers, presenters, and other VIPs at the Video Music Awards. 

MTV released a press release highlighting what was included in the swag bags - my company name was mentioned, Entertainment Tonight published an article that read "Justin Timberlake could add a little extra pop to his "Suit & Tie" with KSH Couture pocket squares." 

....and that's where it took off.


I began designing pocket rounds, instead of squares, as rounds seemed to show better in a pocket.

KSH Couture pocket rounds are always double-sided using the highest quality fabrics. 

Each round is lined with either a solid silk or with a complementing, contrasting pattern (my favorite).

You can wear each side individually and get two pocket rounds out of one or

pull it up in the center and flip it over to get the best of both.  




Pocket rounds aren't just for the fellas!  I've always loved dressing up a pair of distressed jeans with a v-neck tee and fitted blazer - so why not add in a pocket round, it makes the entire outfit. This doesn't have to just go in a suit pocket, tuck them into the back pocket of your jeans or shorts, too.  

This beauty shows us how it's done

Copy of IMG_3671.jpg




It was important to me to keep production in the US!

Proud to partner with manufacturers in North Carolina and New York to make this happen.